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How to Tackle a Swarm of Bees, Successfully?

How to Tackle a Swarm of Bees, Successfully?

Posted by Muzi On 14 Nov, 2016

Here's what you should and shouldn't do

Bees are probably one of the most misunderstood insects. These little guys stay close to nature and work tirelessly to build their honeycombs/homes.

The travel in swarms and work together even though they are divided by different strata in the hierarchy of their society. You’re likely to find bee hives just about anywhere, in gardens, buildings, etc.

Very often when in search of a new home, the entire swarm of bees flits from place to place to test out which one is most ideal for them. You may walk into your lawn or front porch to suddenly realize that you're now hosting a swarm of bees, which could possibly look like they already have a hive in place.

If you encounter such a situation, it is advisable that you do not take matters into your own hands but call a professional for bee hives removal.

What do I do if I spot a Swarm of Bees?

To start with, be calm and try to wait things out because bees are harmless by nature until they feel threatened.

Unknown to most people a bee actually loses its life in the process of stinging you and so won't sting unless you are disrupting its work or sense you to be the destroyer.

Use this fact to your advantage and be as calm as possible without coming in their way. So here are a few things to keep in mind;

Bee sting

  • Do not use any pesticides as not only does this anger the bees but also isn't in accordance with the fact that bees need to be preserved.
  • Do not hurl stones or sticks or hit the bees swarm or hives as it could trigger a signal that you are a predator and need to be attacked.
  • Try to contact a beekeeper or beekeeping group in Melbourne or local honey supplier as they really will be the experts on how to handle hives or a swarm of bees.

However, beekeepers do have lives and businesses of their own which they may not want to drop at your beck and call. Give them sufficient time to get to your location.

Do consider the possibilities of costs that might incur for removal of the hive or incase the swarm of bees heads another way and the beekeeper still shows up. Inform them at the earliest but keep in mind that you may have to bear some costs for calling them out.

I Can't Contact a Beekeeper, Now What?

Beekeepers will know how to tackle the situation and will ensure control and removal in a humane way. It may take several attempts before you finally have one get onto the site.

Don't forget to try out beekeeping associations in Melbourne. You could even contact farmers as they might have some contacts they make use of for similar situations on their farms. If nothing else works out call a reputed professional pest service in Melbourne.

With their expertise and technology they will be able to tend to the matter without disrupting things at your residence and also eliminate any chances of you, your loved ones and pets getting stung.

Angering a swarm of bees or destroying bee hives is the last thing you want to take on hand. Not only do you run the threat of getting stung but you also are causing problems to the ecosystem.

Honey bees and their hives are extremely important to pollination and contribute toward the growth of fruits and flowers. Destroying their population or their home could cause an imbalance you cannot reverse.

However, professionals will be better acquainted with removal and control of a swarm of bees in a more humane and less detrimental manner. Remember, as important as your home is to you, their home is to them so treat it with the utmost care because bees rarely every sting unless they feel threatened to the point of attacking back.

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