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The Scary Truth About Wasps

The Scary Truth About Wasps

Posted by Muzi On 24 Aug, 2015

Discovering wasps on your property can be a very scary experience. Unlike other insects that are harmless, these intruders can pose a danger to adults, children and pets.

It is important not to take the responsibility of finding the type of wasp removal Melbourne properties need lightly once you suspect an infestation is taking place.

Take a moment today to learn about the ways these winged intruders can pose health risks and threaten the structural integrity of a home or building.

When does Wasp Activity Begin?

Wasp NestWasp colonies typically begin in the spring. A colony originates when warmer weather encourages a queen to emerge from hibernation.

A queen will use this period to gather her strength after a long stretch of resting. She is very vulnerable during this small window of time.

Her next goal is to find a suitable nesting place so she can begin laying eggs and build her empire.

What Attracts Wasps to a Nesting Site?

There are a number of reasons why a colony chooses to populate a particular location. It is believed that wasps return to the same spot year after year because of pheromones that are left behind.

It is important to note that a queen may choose a spot that is in a hollow tree, house, compost box, shed or other structure that is on a typical property. In addition, a colony may spring up underground.

Why are Wasps Destructive?

A colony can do some serious damage to whatever structure they choose to make a nest in. Wasps will do their best to stretch a confined space to make room for more colony members.

They routinely eat through ceilings, walls and plaster boards. You are likely to notice a constant noise or detect brown streaks on the wall if wasps are eating their way into a room.

However, they may already break through the wall by the time you notice these symptoms. You should consider seeking the level of wasp control Melbourne homes need to stay safe and pest-free at the first signs of these unwanted intruders.

How Many Wasps Typically Show Up?

A mature nest will typically become home to between 20,000 and 100,000 winged residents. The eggs that the queen lays have a very short incubation period. The warm weather of Melbourne may mean that a queen’s eggs only take a week to mature.

Why are Wasps Dangerous?

Wasp StingWasps are dangerous to humans and pets because they defend their nests.

The threat they pose is heightened due to the fact that a sting from a single colony member actually marks you as a threat to other colony members. This means that one sting usually leads to multiple stings in a very short window of time.

Something as innocent as a ball hitting the side of a house or tree could set off a full attack from an angry colony.

What is the Best Choice for Wasp Removal?

It is important to act quickly to protect your home and family if you have a colony on your property. It can actually take a professional inspection that covers all of the cracks and corners of your home to determine the exact location of a colony.

If you fear attempting to take on these dangerous insects alone, you can consult with a pest control service that specialises in insect removal. Protech Pest Control offers the effective wasp control Melbourne residents turn to when winged intruders threaten their properties.

In fact, Protech Pest Control has been researching and studying wasps for 26 years. You can count on them to detect and eliminate these troublesome insects and their nests completely.

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