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Say Goodbye to a Flea Infestation in Your Home with This Proven Strategy

Say Goodbye to a Flea Infestation in Your Home with This Proven Strategy

Posted by Muzi On 13 Dec, 2019

Fleas don't spell trouble for your pets. These pests are pests in every sense of the word. A flea infestation can be extremely difficult to deal with because of their size and ability to escape at the speed of light. Along with painful bites comes the problem of them breeding at a quick rate.

You can be sure of the facts that even if a few find their way into your residence they can quickly get out of hand. So, how do you get rid of a flea infestation? Professional pest control is definitely needed at some point and of course treatment to ensure that these pests do not return. Besides that, here is how to go about identifying an infestation and curbing it.

How to Spot the Signs of a Flea Infestation?

  • Bite Marks

    Where there are fleas there have to be bites since fleas feed on blood. Sometimes if they cannot feed off pets they might attack you or other family members. Their bites have a distinguished appearance and are small-sized with a reddish circle around it.

    Some people might also develop a rash or swelling or worst still have an allergic reaction. Needless to say, if residents are suffering from flea attacks on your property you require professional pest treatment.

  • Your Pets Appear Visibly Harassed

    Fleas mean pain and irritability for your pets. Since your furry friend is unable to protect himself or get rid of these pests he will naturally look to you for help. Keep watch over your pet to see if he appears to be scratching very often, has bite marks or may even have a few bald patches on his body from excessive itching.

    Your pet might even have allergic reactions like a rash or red spots caused by the saliva of the fleas. You should take him to the vet at earliest so that he can experience some relief but it is equally important to make sure you carry out flea extermination.

  • Spotting Them Around Your House

    The biggest and most obvious sign of any pest infestation is, of course, spotting them up close and personal. The same goes for fleas.

    If you are seeing them jump around your house or near your pet or even, see them in your carpet you need to schedule a professional inspection and ask a certified expert to comb through the area at the earliest.

DIY's to Get Rid of Fleas

  • Combing Your Pet With a Flea Comb

    Flea prevention treatment to dogThe flea comb is one of the most reliable and effective tools to provide relief to your pet and can also reveal if they have fleas living in their fur.

    Before you start to comb your pet make sure you have a dish of diluted soapy water to hand so that you can dip the comb in it. The soap/detergent should be pet-friendly so that your pet does not land up with a skin reaction.

    Start with combing your pet's head and the ears. Keep checking the comb as you do so. Once you see any ticks caught in the comb dip it quickly in the dish of soapy water then dry your comb with a towel before you get back to combing. Next cover their back and then the tail area. After you have done this start combing against the fur and look carefully for any fleas scurrying around or attempting to hide.

  • Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Exterminate Any Ticks Around Your Home

    If you have seen fleas around your home you can make use of a vacuum cleaner to directly suck up these pests into the vacuum bag. Do remember to seal the bag tightly, put it in a garbage bag, and then seal the garbage bad before you dispose it far away from your house to ensure that the ticks do not escape and return.

    It is also important to keep in mind that this method will not take care of any flea eggs and hence cannot save you from a new infestation.

  • Regularly Clean Your Pet's Toys and Bedding

    It would also be a good practice if the bedding and toys of your pets are regularly cleaned and washed with a pet-friendly detergent to get rid of any stray ticks that are lodged there and so prevent further infestation. Not to mention this will also help make your furry friend's home a lot more comfortable, hygienic, and ensure he enjoys overall good health (a concern for any animal owner or lover).

  • Bath Your Pet Regularly

    To further stop any infestation, bathing your pet using warm water and a soap that your vet recommends will make your pet's body less inviting for fleas.

  • Flea Sprays

    Many sprays are available in the market that can be used to deter these ticks. While these can be used on your upholstery, carpets, furry friends, and their bedding you need to make sure that the spray is safe, pet-friendly, eco-friendly, and does not cause any reactions.

Schedule a Professional Inspection and Treatment for Pest Control and Removal

Given the size, number and quick movement of fleas, tackling an infestation by yourself may turn out to be exhausting, unsuccessful, and frustrating. It is best left to the professionals who have extensive knowledge of flea behaviour, habits, life cycle, and reliable treatments.

Speak to a professional to get a quote for same day removal service and enquire whether their treatments are environment-friendly and non-hazardous for your loved ones and pets. More importantly ask them about their certification, associations and years of experience so that you are convinced about their credibility.

Lastly, keep in mind for any pest extermination service, a warranty is a must.

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