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7 Factors that Determine the Price of a Pest Control Service

7 Factors that Determine the Price of a Pest Control Service

Posted by Muzi On 13 Oct, 2021

All pest invasions require control services to efficiently and completely eliminate an infestation, especially when dealing with rodents. However, what shocks almost all homeowners is the questionably high price of a rodent control service. It is because of the price difference that they opt for DIY solutions.

However, DIY options aren't as efficient as professional treatment. Many that opt for DIY solutions later get a professional treatment due to the inefficiency of DIY solutions in eliminating insects.

There are Many Important Factors That Influence the Price of a Pest Control Service, They are:

  • Type of Pest Infestation:

    The primary factor that influences the cost is the type of pest you are dealing with in your home. As you may already know, there are various types and species that infest homes and offices.

    As the type differs, so does the treatment to control and remove the infestation. Therefore, the first step is to accurately identify the pest by getting your property inspected by a professional and based on which pest has invaded your property, the price would differ.

    Keep in mind that if you have more than one pest invading your property, the price would increase as well.

  • Frequency of Required Treatment:

    Termite ControlAnother factor that influences the price is the frequency required for the treatment. For instance, for severe termite infestations, the frequency required might be more than a less severe ant infestation. The more frequent it is, the more you would need to pay.

    Now, if you are thinking of reducing the frequency and missing a few in-between visits so that you don't have to pay more, then we suggest that you don't as it could worsen the situation. Any delays would result in a reoccurring infestation which would bring you back to square one.

    Therefore, you should not miss any follow-up visits as you would have to go through the entire process again and end up paying more.

  • Size of the House:

    Yes! The size of your house also determines the cost. A bigger house with more rooms and space provides insects with more hiding grounds. Therefore, the pest control expert would need to spend more time in your house to find the various hideouts and hidden nests which means that they would also require extra time to completely eliminate them from the house.

    Note that if you are dealing with rodents or mice, it would be even more challenging and cost more to remove them as they are known to hide in areas of the house which are difficult to reach and examine such as within walls or inside vents.

  • Severity of the Infestation:

    The severity of the problem is another factor that affects the cost of a pest control service. If you are dealing with a less severe infestation such as ants or a smaller infestation, then the service provider wouldn't require much time and effort to get rid of them. Therefore, it would cost lesser than a severe infestation, dealing with rodents or termites.

  • Experience & Skills of the Provider:

    Termite ControlIt is vital to do your research properly before you choose a pest control provider. As older pest control companies have been around for a while, you can trust that they will do a good job in removing the pests from your property.

    However, with a newer pest control company, you may not know how reputable and efficient they are which would make you second-guess everything they do. It doesn't mean that newer pest control companies aren't efficient, it just means that you should be careful and only choose a company that you trust.

    Keep in mind that if the reputable company has been around for a long time and is known for its efficiency, the cost of the service would be higher too.

  • Location of the Job Site:

    The location of the job plays a role in influencing the cost as it would be including the travel fees and fuel costs. If a professional is required to travel out of town for a pest control service, it would cost more than a service conducted in the same town as they would be spending time not only treating your property but also travelling back and forth.

  • Method Used for Treatment:

    The method used by the service provider is another factor that affects the cost of the service. Do not make the mistake of opting for a cheaper treatment as it might not efficiently remove the infestation. The professional would need to visit your home more frequently which could cost you more than opting for an expensive yet efficient treatment that eliminates the infestation in lesser scheduled visits.

In a nutshell, the price of a pest control service is higher than expected due to the above-mentioned factors playing an influential role. However, the results and effects of a professional service are worth the price and aren't achievable through DIY solutions.

Although a professional treatment service might be more expensive, it is advisable as it guarantees a pest-free environment for you and your family, ensuring the health and wellbeing of the family isn't compromised with the presence of pests.

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