Termite Treatment Melbourne

Termite Control Melbourne

Getting rid of TermitesHave an army of white ants declaring war on your property?

Termites are amongst Melbourne's most problematic pests affecting buildings at an alarming rate. Statistics shows that one-third of all Australian buildings are known to have a history of termite infestation.


Your biggest asset is at risk.

Signs of Termites DamageTermites can make even the strongest of constructions fall like a house of cards. They breed incessantly. They lay thousands of eggs at any given point of time so they spread around structure fast causing deep rooted damages.

Restoring or replacing the damaged parts of the construction and furniture becomes highly expensive and you'll always have to worry about your property prices decreasing with every passing day that white ants have made that their home.

Termite InspectionUnfortunately insurance companies do not cover the damages caused to your property by a termite infestation. So the lovely home that you've built with care and the handpicked furniture from around the world will go down without a fighting chance.

This can burn deep holes in your pocket with you having to bear all the expenses while trying to repair and restore whatever you can of the damages.

Who you gonna call?

Termite infestations are hard to spot. In most cases, the infestation is detected only after it has increased significantly, causing extensive irreparable damage to your property. Hence, when it comes to these tiny yet mighty creatures, it's better to be safe than sorry. Our team of trained professionals who are certified by the HACCP are well equipped to give you comprehensive termite control solution to after a thorough scan your property thoroughly and detect an existing infestation. Our termite inspection services can also give you an indication of any possible threats of infestation.

Natural Elimination

We use all natural, environment friendly treatments to carry out termite pest control in your home effectively, without exposing you and your family to harmful chemicals. We use the latest technologies available in the field of pest control handpicked by our research and development team dedicated to understanding their nature and behavior in order to create efficient means of eliminating them.

It's your turn

Termite InfestationsWondering if your property has a termite history or can fall prey to this terrible infestation? Want the best termite control solutions in Melbourne?

Then, don't hesitate to get us on board! Our professional services are at your disposal. All you have to do is call us on 1300 486 149!

Client Testimonials

We thought we had a termite infestation so rang Protech. The response was fast and efficient. The site was tested and recommendations were made to ensure the house was treated and we had no more problems. Dwayne was an excellent technician, capable answering all our questions and explaining what he was doing at each stage. I would thoroughly recommend Protech for any Pest problems.

Thank you for a job well done.

- Jenni Casey

When I found termites in our garage in suburban Melbourne earlier this year I was horrified. I contacted PROTECH Pest Control & within 2 days we'd had an inspection & then full treatment of our property within the week.

I give full credit to Muzi and his team for the way they carried out the extensive work needed. They detailed the work processes to us & cleared up any mess made throughout the actual procedure.

They were punctual in arriving at the time agreed & again when the next inspection was due.

I would give the PROTECH name to anyone with a Pest problem. I have already had a neighbour use them following our experience and satisfaction with the work done at our home.

- Anne Anstey

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