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  • Ever found a line of ants in your kitchen or bathroom?
  • Are you scared of leaving food out on the kitchen counter?
  • Ever been bitten by a red ant in the comfort and protection of your home?

Signs of Ants in Melbourne

Well it's time you took those little pests seriously because ants are one of the hardest pests to control as they come in colonies with over thousands of members. So if you find them in your house, you can be rest assured that there will be more to follow.

Ants come in where there is food and so it's no surprised that you'll find a lot of them hanging around your kitchen. Kitchen sinks also provide the amicable environment with necessary moisture that ants need.

Most of them have a sweet tooth and come looking to attack all the sweet treats you've got. There are some however who are attracted to protein and will come after all the meats in your home.

Ants enter through cracks in the wall and build their nest inside walls, under concrete slabs of the porch, even under the floor. Although most of them do not bite or sting, there are variants of larger size black, flying ants and red ants that do sting. They are one of the most persistent pests in Melbourne making it very important to get them out of your home through professional expertise

Anti-Ants pest Removal

Ants Removal - Protect yourself against heavy bitesGetting Protech Pest control on board will give you the best-in-class Ant Control service in Melbourne.

With over 26 years of field experience, our trained and certified team brings you a comprehensive and all-natural solution to your ant problems. We have a dedicated research team that studies the nature and behavior of them and using key insights, have developed the most effective ways to make sure that the pests stay at bay.

What's more? Using cutting edge technology, we have adopted an eco-friendly approach to pest control solutions that utilize bio-degradable means for pest removal, making sure that your family’s health isn’t compromised upon in the process.

The best part is, if the ants return within the warranty period, so do we, for FREE!

Client Testimonials

I phone Protech to come to my house and within a day they were there, they have treated for ants and i have not seen one since, thank you for a great service, highly recommend
- Bryce CopeY

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