Rodent pest control

Rodent Pest control

There's something special about a home. The feeling of being together with your loved ones, the feeling of having a space to call your own, where you can be yourself. However, for those who share their home with rodents, the experience and feeling are somewhat different. The pitter patter of rodents, the haphazard mess of garbage once they have gotten to it putting all your cleaning efforts to shame, the falling of things from shelves as they run around and the gnawing marks on furniture as they stake their claim to what you once called yours.


RodentRats and mice cause a lot more problems than the nightmare mentioned above. They terrorize your pets, spread diseases throughout the house putting yours and your family's health at risk and their bite can be fatal, infested with rabies. And so, you will have to battle with caution.

Rodents also tend to remember their way around the house pretty well and will keep returning the moment they have found a suitable space for them to utilize as their own home. Being social creatures they might also invite their friends and family over for visits. So you might just find yourself among a larger congregation of rodents in your home than you might have anticipated.

Yet, all is not lost when you spot a rodent at home because to us getting rid of rats and mice isn't a problem at all.

Opt for ‘squeaky’ clean.

RodentWith our 26 years of experience, we bring you the best technology for mice control in Melbourne to eliminate all traces of the rats and mice that were once in your house. We have a dedicated team of professionals trained to understand the nature and biology of rats and mice and bring you a comprehensive and effective rodent pest control plan to eradicate them completely from your premises.

Our customized plan includes the processes and techniques of rat and mice control that utilizes new age technology that's environmentally friendly and effective, making sure that your family's health is not affective during the process and your home is returned to its original glory of being a warm and inviting one.

Not sure how extensive your rodent problem is? No worries! Call us today and we'll send someone over to conduct a thorough scan of your residence.

What's more? If the rodents return, so do we for free! Don't forget to check out our warranty plans for more information!

Client Testimonials

Cannot recommend Protech highly enough. They come quickly - especially if you have a problem. Have two different methods for treating rats/mice problems which is great. Their costs are very reasonable. Have been using them for ongoing maintenance for many years, and do not hesitate in recommending them to others.
- Rose Mary
Protech is a service first company that addressed our rodent issue promptly and effectively. The experienced and friendly technician identified where the rodents were coming into our home and took the time to explain the treatment process which took into consideration the needs of our pet Labrador. Within a day the scurrying noises in the roof and sightings in the home were rapidly reduced; a major comforting factor for our family.

This service is value for money and I would highly recommend Protech to anyone.
- Lee McSweeney

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