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  • Feeling webbed?
  • Is a spider paying you a friendly visit from time to time?
  • Is your furniture being decorated by spider webs?
  • Are you better off not taking your chances unlike Peter Parker?

Getting rid of spidersNot just another spider on the wall. The recorded number of spider species is a whopping 35,000. Of course not all of them are poisonous but well, no one in their right mind would want to take their chances especially when the chance in question is in the comfort of your beautifully set up dream home.

Spiders waste no time in making any space a home of their own. Marking their space with webs that hold their prey hostage and so having them in your home is not something you can take lightly.

How are they getting in?

bird eating spiderSpiders can enter your Melbourne home through small cracks and holes in the walls that are usually created to make way for electrical cables, or through open gaps in windows and they tend to hang out in basements, roofs, cellars, closets, and leave no stone unturned in laying their eggs all over the place making it very hard to get rid of them completely.

Some spiders are poisonous and since there are so many species of them, it's very hard to identify which one is. Their bite can be very painful and highly dangerous if poisonous. Treatment for the same is very expensive too. And so it's best to tap in to even the smallest degree of arachnophobia you might have and take steps to get them out of your surroundings immediately.

If you're used to buying second hand furniture and frequent flea markets, then you may not even realize when you bring home a piece of furniture that contains a spider egg sac in it.

Unfortunately ordinary insecticides that you get in the supermarket have no effect on spiders and do nothing to keep them away.

Time wash the spider off!

To completely get rid of spider infestation, you need to get Melbourne professionals on board! That's where we come in. With over 26 years of field experience, Protech Pest Control gives you state of the art service conducted by professionals certified by the HACCP.

Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your house to detect the extent of infestation present and give you a comprehensive solution for the same.

What's more? We bring you some cutting edge technology that's environment friendly so that your spider problems are taken care of the all-natural way.

So call us today and say good bye to web of problems!

Client Testimonials

Protech provide friendly professional service, in person and over the phone. Always helpful and no spiders have dared walked our new home.
- Karen Shaun

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