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mosquito sucking bloodRidding yourself of the Mosquito Menace

There are some insects whose size is directly proportionate to how painful their bite it. One such kind of insect is the mosquito. They are practically present everywhere - home, office, road, car, etc. There really is no escaping them! Successfully swatting them is a skill that only a few of us humans have mastered. And if you have an infestation in your residence it is but a matter of time before you realise that these pests are constantly breeding a new and larger army against you! Preventive measures may help you tackle the problem but hiring professional control service will ensure they are eradicated effectively, uniformly, and completely!

What do mosquitoes look like?

Being extremely tiny in size, they are difficult to spot as they can often get confused to be another insect. Only once we get bitten do we realise that we were being watched as an ideal prey by one or two of them. They tend to vary in their appearance depending on the species. But more of less they have tiny slender bodies that are no longer than 15 mm in length. Their scaled wings are their characteristic feature. Although they appear delicate and feeble, they can do much damage while drawing blood. These pests are actually quite resilient and can survive in most conditions, good or bad.

What makes an ideal home for mosquitoes?

The most important thing to remember is that they are attracted to water as this is where they breed and multiply. Lack of water or evaporation can kill them while still in their growth stage. Hot humid climates and tropical areas combine to make areas even more of a paradise to mosquitoes. Stagnant water that has collected in groves or pots, stored water, water in gutters, pools and ditches are sure spots to find them and their eggs breeding. Water helps them multiply faster. If you're wondering how that happens it's because they are a type of aquatic animal. That means that water makes the perfect living conditions for them to complete their growth cycle and feed on matter present in the water itself. As for the issue of breathing, they often come to the surface to exhale carbon dioxide and take in a sufficient amount of oxygen.

Stages of a mosquito

mosquito biteTheir lifecycle is not the same. It tends to vary among the various species. To add to it, environmental conditions, the presence of water and predators in the surroundings play a huge role in determining how far a mosquito reaches in his life. Like other insects, they advance from stages - egg-larvae-pupa-adult. While males tend to feed on plant nectar, females need to draw blood to lay eggs. From some species eggs are laid in water while for others it is in areas that have a water source nearby. Within 24-48, eggs hatch onto larvae that float just above the surface of the water and feed on matter in the water. Larvae suck in oxygen through tubes. In 10 days larvae turns into the pupa stage, while they continues to grow. Once it has reached the adult stage, it 'dries' itself out and sets flight.

Hunting down mosquitoes at home

If you want to figure out whether these pests are present and breeding in your home, here are some signs you should look for:

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  • A high pitched whine marks out the peculiar sound that they are known to make.
  • Spotting them walking upside down on the ceiling or glass surfaces.
  • Bites are an obvious and painful way to learn you have a mosquito problem.
  • Stored water in and around your home attracts these pests as they serve well for breeding purpose.
  • Well-watered lawns and shrubbery around your home again create an ideal home for mosquitoes.

Keeping Mosquitoes Out

Along with staying alert to signs of a mosquito infestation, here are some preventive measures you could make use of for your home or office:

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  • Close windows and doors as soon as evening sets in.
  • Store water only if you absolutely need to but ensure it is covered.
  • Clean your home regularly to rid it of any dead mosquitoes, as this could attract pests that feed on mosquitoes.
  • If you have a pond or pool, introduce goldfish as they feed on mosquito larvae.
  • Avoid wearing bright colours as it attracts mosquitoes.
  • Tuck trousers into your socks and ensure minimum skin exposure.

Not all species give you painful bites but if you do get bitten and the mosquito bite is bad, first clean the wound and avoid scratching the affected area. You could apply cold compress for some relief. For children and those with low immunity - if the person develops a fever, puffiness, swelling, hives, etc, visit a doctor immediately.

How Protech Pest Control fixes your mosquito problem

To start with our technician will inspect the area to figure out what has caused the infestation - whether it is the excessive greenery, or collection of water, etc. He then will come up with a plan that yields long-term benefits. We show you all the possible areas on your property to tell you which places are attracting mosquitoes and why. We then offer treatment for the problem by using microbial insecticide products, insect growth regulators to keep a tab on whether the problem returns, and apply insecticides to vegetation to prevent mosquitoes from sheltering there.

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